Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Adult Health

All recommended adult vaccines available
Most vaccines available for international travel

View the current Adult Immunization Schedule:

Printable vaccination consent forms:
In English
In Spanish

To View Vaccine Information Statements – www.immunize.org/vis

We can bill Medicare and insurance.

Information on Merck Vaccine Assistance Program
Link to Merck website for information and form –
www.merck.com or www.merckvaccines.com

Hearing and Vision screenings

Screenings and Education available for Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood
Sugar, and UA (urinalysis)

Communicable Disease Surveillance and Foodborne Illness investigation and follow

Referrals to Early Detection Works – Education and free breast exams,
mammograms, and cervical exams if eligibility requirements are met
Link to EDW program – www.kdheks.gov/edw/index.html